• 1985

    Everything started in a small wood workshop long before taking the brand Eurodecor. This workshop was built for providing kitchen furniture and door needs of its construction companies as well as local companies in Eskişehir since 1985. Actually, long before the sound foundations of Eurodecor was established
  • 1990

    By the 90s understanding of construction quality has started to change. Decision was made to keep up with this change and pvc, kitchen, bathroom, door production improved.
  • 1995

    High quality production was noticed in a short time and building contractors started to give requests.
  • 1998

    Difference proved to other players; Eurodecor decided to continue its journey being a wooden company and with a radical decision started manufacturing only kitchen, door and bathroom.
  • 2001

    Company acted as a wood workshop until 2001 and improved day by day. Expanding international and national markets decision was made with the idea that everybody deserve high quality product. Furthermore with the result of feasibility there can be seen a big open in this sector in Turkey.
  • 2002

    First shop opened in 2002 towards bringing together products with more people.
  • 2003

    2003 was really strategic year for company. Every product started to carry the sign of “Eurodecor” with taking the national patent of the brand.
  • 2004

    The company took the international patent in 2004. Company reached thousands of people by opening a shop in a cosmopolitan city Istanbul.
  • 2005

    The company got well known by opening the shops in Istanbul and Eskisehir, company decided to give dealership to get known in all over Turkey. At first, dealerships were given to 10 cities. Company principle includes high quality as well as well-timed delivery. Thus company decided to improve production facility for increasing production needs that cause of new dealerships and layed factory foundation.
  • 2006

    January of 2006 was started to use 35.000 m² factory on 130.000 m² open field.
  • 2006

    Company which aspired to play a big role in international market has made its first export to Dubai in 2006.
  • 2006

    The other importance of 2006 was shooting of TV advertisement. With the famous Spanish model Amanda it really attracted attentions.
  • 2007

    Export that started with Dubai continued improving year by year and a big scaled job near the stadium of Arsenal in London was signed in 2007.
  • 2007

    High quality products and well-timed delivery separates the company from the others and because of the increasing demands for door factory that can produce 10.000 doors per month was built .
  • 2008

    After Dubai and London, company built kitchens and doors for luxury villas in Palm Islands. Eurodecor has represented Turkey internationally.
  • 2013

    Company paid more attention for Turkey’s market then export for the last five years, it widens its product range while holds on to high quality and well-timed delivery. Eurodecor priorities comfort and always changing customer needs, produces approximately 1000 kitchens and every year offers two new kitchen designs to its customers.