General Care Instructions


Dear customers,

New if you want to enjoy your kitchen for many years , in the following pages you will find information about the proper care and maintenance .

Before you start to use your kitchen this maintenance and repair instructions carefully. This information , as well as general information about the products we produce our only includes specific instructions . To store these documents in a safe place and if there was a subsequent owner also advise you to pass .

In addition, instructions for use , as well as furniture, accessories and power tools as well as additional information can be found here .

Manufacturers, caused by misuse or improper maintenance issues and as a result of the transaction does not accept any liability for damages .

EURODECOR as a family , without any problems in your new kitchen wish you a pleasant time.

A kitchen with high-quality surfaces are very easy to care for . New to prolong the life of your kitchen and you only need to maintain the value is to make regular and proper maintenance .

Therefore , please follow the following maintenance instructions :

  • Use only mild, water-soluble and product information clearly stated that it is designed for use in kitchens , use household cleaners .
  • Alcohol and substance
  • Never use thinners feature .
  • Whether you want bright matte finish of the furniture have never abrasives or harsh chemicals such as solvents, do not use .
  • repair or repaint the surface is no longer possible to some degree , though you scouring powder , steel wool or a pot cleaners use such substances that damage the surface .
  • Because they contain solvents on these surfaces also use glass cleaner .
  • For cleaning, use a soft cloth or sponge .

The micro-fiber cleaning cloths that feature or not use solvents . Because of such a fine emery cloth because they contain particles can cause scratches on the surface .

  • Kitchen furniture in the interior plumbing pipes and moisture that may result from the removal of moisture and odors and to prevent any damage to the inner surface of the module and shelves with a damp cloth then dry cloth before should be deleted. Strong cleaning chemicals and solvents (thinner, acetone , bleach , softeners , etc.). Should not be used .
  • contaminated surface is always clean as quickly as possible . Remove a stain much easier to become a new and often completely removed.

Do not use a steam cleaner in any way .

  • After cleaning , wipe the entire surface till it is completely dry .
Always keep it dry all surfaces . Allow to remain on the surface of water and other liquids can cause permanent damage .
Changing material designs require personalized care instructions . Therefore, you should consider custom alerts for your kitchen maintenance .