Working in 35.000 m² closed manufacturing field and starting its service in 2001 Eurodecor, owns total 130.000 m² open field factory.

Eurodecor group, priotises ever changing customer demands thus follows world trends and latest technological developments. Company brings in to the market its peculiar kitchen models as well as presenting 22 kitchen, 4 bathroom and 27 door models for its customers’ delight.

In order to be able to keep up with ever changing market conditions, our company follows recent manufacturing technologies and owns;

  • Panel production
  • Coating solid production
  • Installation and packing
  • Profile production
  • Door production
  • Painting and polishing
  • Door installation and packing
  • Contributory workshops
  • Material, goods and half goods storages. Our company works with the help of higher technological machines and advanced procedures to reach  manufacturing in global standarts.

Eurodecor is very sensitive with choosing its raw material and accessories therefore in order to manufacture its peculiar designs works both in its native land and in world with the best companies of its field.