Inner Equipment

Inner Equipment: Drawers can be equiped with, fork, knife and spoon sections. Deeper drawers can also be equiped with Pan and pot, plate, electronic kitchen utensil, jar or under-sink detergent sections as well.

Drawers and Slides: All Eurodecor drawers and slides consist of 12 mm thick steel sides, laminate chip plate bottoms and 18 mm thick back side. The sliders weight capacity is 30 kg including its own weight.

Inner Shelves: Shelves consist of melamine covered 18 mm thick chip plates. Front surfaces are framed by 1 mm thick and other surfaces are framed by 0.40 mm thick white pvc side tapes during production phase. Shelf dowels have exported locks. Therefore when there is over load on the shelves, shelves do not move, they are safe.

Full Height Pantries: There are two types of pantry systems; one telescopic and the other sliding. Sliders weight capacity is 35 kg.