Surface Types, Counnter and Hinges

Laminate Surfaces: The most qualified and aesthetic products are used in laminate surfaces. Laminate surfaces have a very good resistance for mechanic factors, water and moisture therefore are very easy to care and clean.

Lacquer Surfaces: The lacquer surfaces of Eurodecor is produces by the most durable ones in the market. However, one should not expect lacquer surfaces to be as resistant as laminate surfaces against scratches, abrasion and moist thus cleaning and care should be done with extra caution. Lacquer and laminate surfaces when used side by side might display very little color differences. Later added lacquer units will only fit to the older surface after some time. Eurodecor covers all its wooden and lacquer surfaces by polyurethane based polisher. Polyurethane  based polisher does not include formaldehit in its structure. Surfaces can easily be cleaned. Food contact with the surface has no health hazards.

Counters: Counters are 4cm thick and produced with laminates resistant to scratches compatible to counter usage. Counter’s back and below is covered according to the prevention of moisture. Special connection units and durable adhasives solve the corner problems perfectly.

Hinges: All shutters are fixed by clips-hinges that open 110 degree angle, easy to remove and automatic closing. 90x90 below, 65x65 above corner shuttersa and 60 – 90 cm full height pantries also have the same hinges however with opening 165 degree angles.